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Welcome To Recruiting Hell

Job Hunting Sucks. Make it Suck Less.
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About The Show

Recruiting Hell is a term used to describe the frustration of the modern job hunt. 


If you head to any major job site or employer, there are endless opportunities, but it has gotten more and more difficult to land them for the average person. 


This podcast aims to give you the tools to help find a job that brings you fulfillment and worth and to help you navigate through Recruiting Hell by avoiding the scam jobs, the bad employers, the too much work for too little pay, and the mental stress of being jobless or in a position you hate. 


We’re here to help you keep your chin up after your 200th application with no response, your 50th rejection email this month, or a great opportunity ghosting you.

In a nutshell, this show is about helping people, and if this show can help just one person escape Recruiting Hell, that's a win.



Robb Conlon

Executive Producer & Host

Whether he's recording Audiobooks and Advertsements, building and hiring for multimillion dollar client services departments, or creating Stevie™ Award winning social media experiences for millions of customers, Robb has been at the forefront of building great jobs for others for nearly 15 years. 


Now, he sets his sights on his greatest target yet, helping the millions of people out of work in 2020.  Using his unique blend of Sales, Marketing, hiring know-how, and radio voice; Robb is your guide to navigating the fires of Recruiting Hell.

What Listeners Say...


Ashley L. - Itunes Review

...great advice in a category of uncertainty that is not talked about enough...


Thomas D. - via email

...I've gotten farther in my job search over the past 2 months than I did before that...

Jessica B. - Via LinkedIn

I am already on episode 4 and really connect with the content you are creating especially about unemployment during COVID.




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