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  • Robb Conlon

A Fresh Calendar...

So here we are...2021.

Feels kind of the same as 2020 right now.

Pandemic raging - Check.

Unemployment raging - Check.

Savings Depletion raging - Check.

One day does not a lot of difference make, unfortunately.

So where do we stand?

That's a good question.

Even though a calendar is an arbitrary thing, we can use that structure to our benefit when it comes to setting our goals for 2021.

365 days is a long time.

Doing anything 365 times is a lot.

Imagine what you can do if you started something right now and did it every day for a year.

For example: eating 2200 kcal a day is a pretty robust diet, but when your basal metabolic rate is up around 3200 kcal per day like mine is, that 1000+ calorie deficit can add up pretty crazily.

(1000 Calories x 365 days = 365,000 calories) / 3500 calories to the pound = 104.2 pounds of fat burned.

And that's just from eating less!

That would put me from a quite husky 340 to an Adonis-like 235.8. I might not even be able to LOSE that much fat without it being unhealthy which is crazy!

Sometimes it doesn't take big changes to make your year into something more than last time around.

The trick is to show up, every day, and do that thing that you've quantified as an improvement to yourself.

The same goes for your job hunt.

The tasks you do every day - find a new niche job board, apply to a new company, build a net networking connection on LinkedIn, all begin to pay dividends, but only when combined and only over time.

We as human beings tend to not appreciate that long game.

I am not immune to this and neither are you. I wish this website and podcast would just blow up over night and I'd become the guy who helps people move forward with their job search and careers. That takes time, that takes effort, that takes resilience.

A fresh calendar at the beginning of the year gives you an opportunity to say both

"Day One"


"One Day"

Here's to your future and that "One Day" eventually becomes Today.


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