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Deadlines Are Hard...

Deadlines ARE hard.

I had one set in my mind for this show for the longest time when we went on season break back in February.

April 17th... yeah. That would give me SIXTY days to figure out what season 3 was all about and get it rolling.

But there's one thing that I didn't account for...

The need to get back in the game.

I watch my show numbers carefully, and we've been steady with new listeners, new followers, and new connections over the past 6 weeks, and that's incredible.

The one thing that drives me though is the mission to reach and educate 10,000 job seekers by Year's end 2022.

I feel like we're at a dead stop even though we're still growing and I can't let that happen any more.

More than anything over the past 10 weeks I've seen new processes come to light for the show and found better, more efficient ways to run it.

That's something that I learned when looking for jobs.

They aren't short-cuts, because you can't take short cuts when trying to find a good job. What you can do is build efficiency, templates, and processes to help make your job hunt easier.

There are so many things I've documented, scribbled down, opened google docs for, and it's all led to making a better experience when I'm trying to accomplish a task.

The very same tricks are applicable to your job hunt. If something went well with an application, try to duplicate the procedure next time. It's a time saver as long as you aren't actually cutting quality and taking literal shortcuts.

Making a template or a form isn't a shortcut, it's an efficiency and your job hunt benefits from having them.

So take it from both the job hunt experience, my experience building this show, and likely some of your past work experience, systems and efficiencies are what make things really click.


Season 3 of Recruiting Hell Returns 04/07/2021!

(This article originally aired in the March 21st 2021 issue of Recruiting Hell:


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