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  • Robb Conlon

Did Discipline Fail Me…?

We were late on this newsletter for once.


Did discipline fail? Is this going to disappear and fizzle out?

Probably not.

After making near 40 of these things, they're kind of a habit, and this week just happened to have some other priorities that stood in the way of this getting done.

And that's OK.

Discipline brings you back to doing the things you need to do. You can take a break for a day or prioritize things that are more important to you. The same is true for your job hunt.

Way back when this show was brand new, I said you could never take a day off from job hunting... and while I still stand by the fact that every day you should do something to advance your job hunt, I've learned from my own experience and from that of others that sometimes ya just need that day off.

The trick is to build a mechanism to get you back ON track once that day off is over.

Build a list. Get an "accountabilibuddy" (you know, someone to hold you accountable, hard core!). Tie something you enjoy to the progress you make on your job hunt.

Whatever this is, it'll probably be different for you than it is for me, but it's 100% connected to the discipline you need to have for your job hunt.

This newsletter was late, but ya know what, I'm writing 3 of them this afternoon to make up for it.

Go do what you need to do to keep yourself sane, but return to the discipline of the things that you need to do to survive.

(This article originally premiered 5/12/21 in Recruiting Hell: Overtime. Subscribe here for more.)

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