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  • Robb Conlon

Don't Stuff Yourself...

Don't overstuff yourself OR your Turkey this Thanksgiving.

Eating too much at Thanksgiving is an American past time that I heartily participate in, often to my detriment. That awful, oversatisfied feeling is great for a little bit, but once that psuedo pain of overeating sets in, it's pretty terrible.

Overstuffing yourself, or overstuffing your thanksgiving turkey leads to a mess. You might feel awful, and your Bird might not have all it's fixings cooked properly. "Everything in balance" as some kung-fu sensei might say.

The same thing goes for your job hunt. Don't overstuff yourself on any one thing, or combination of things.

Job hunting is a lot like eating. You need to consistently do it, but if you over do it, it's painful and causes you a lot of distress.

Pacing yourself throughout your job hunt is incredibly important. Doing an application each day rather than trying to cram 10 into one day is much easier on your mental health as well as all that screen time and typing. Eyes and fingers being healthy is important too!

The tag line of our show is that "a job hunt is a marathon, not a sprint".

There's a reason for that. If you try to take it all down in one day, to bury your job hunt 1 day a week, you're not going to have the consistency you need to make headway. Like in sales, you need a healthy pipeline and opportunities potentially coming your way constantly.

We can't stuff everything into one day, it leads to waves in your pipeline and inconsistency in the results it produces.

Additionally, at Thanksgiving we eat a variety of foods.






Jellied Cranberries

And more...

Your job hunt also needs to have this kind of variety.

Eating just "Turkey" all the time makes for an awful Thanksgiving dinner (though deep fried turkey comes close to be my exclusive dish because it's so amazing.) Back to my point, if you aren't looking in every possible area for a new job and having a variety of platforms as a part of your search, you're missing out.

Most folks head to one of the big job boards and that's it. In the past, we've talked about Niche job boards as well as the job market that isn't posted online, the Phantom Market. You need variety in your job search, just as much as you do in your diet or holiday meals.

Creating a job search strategy that isn't boring is one of the keys of our guide 6 Strategies to End Your Job Hunt for Good. It's not just one type of application, job type, or job source that is going to help you win this. The variety and use of multiple sources to find the right position for you is key.

We'll talk more about the Phantom Market in future episodes and future articles, but suffice to say, the Phantom job market is accessed through networking, and much like that cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner. it adds another angle to the job hunt that can be used to complete the experience and have your job hunting time finally be finished.

Just like a big holiday dinner.

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