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  • Robb Conlon

Eliminate the Garbage Jobs with Niche Job Boards

You’re on the Big 5 career boards; LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

There’s a whole load of jobs and none of them seems to fit you.


Everything is jumbled together in a huge pile of, well, GARBAGE:

We know that even in garbage though, that there can be valuable items.

The best example of this is recycling.

Cans and bottles have value, especially if your city or state pays a bounty for them of a nickel or dime each.

This parallels job hunting so much it’s not even funny.

You’re looking for the good jobs in the garbage, the ones that are worth applying for, the cans, the bottles!

Get more bottles and cans:

Niche job boards are like actual recycling bins, you don’t have to sift through the banana peels and food waste to get to the actual job you might want, it’s a bin full of cans and bottles!

While you might only be qualified for “bottle” jobs, it’s sure a whole lot easier to not get discouraged when you’re figuratively digging through a bin and actually finding bottles!

Nothing is more frustrating than having a marketable college degree and having that one Car Delivery company tell you that they want you to drive their “cool auto hauler” that doesn’t require a CDL. This is where a niche job board comes in.

So what is a niche job board?

Niche boards are job boards dedicated exclusively to a single type of career; marketing, nonprofit work, education, etc.

They’re often somewhat small, but can have powerful results for your job hunt, especially if your industry has a very specific skill set. It’s better to have 50 offerings that are a close fit to your skill set than 5 million that aren’t

Niche career boards can be national, regional, or local in nature, and while I can’t list every one of them here in this article, looking into a niche job board likely is highly beneficial to your search.

Some of the largest are below, and if you have the skillset to be a viable applicant for these companies, I’d highly recommend that you join them and begin focusing your search in them as a great change up from the big 5.

~Robb @RecruitingHell

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