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Episode 19: Show Notes Ft. Brenden Kumarasamy of YouTube's MasterTalk

Robb and Brendan sit down for the most power hour of Recruiting Hell yet with over 60 minutes of outstanding tips to bulk up your job hunting chops.

Brenden is the host of Youtube's "MasterTalk" as well as an all around great guy from Montreal, Canada. Follow Him on Instagram at MasterYourTalk.

Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro

8:22 - Eight month interviews

9:40 - Becoming the ideal candidate

12:20 - Dealing with interview anxiety*

13:09 - Mirroring*

14:35 - Harsh Feedback

17:16 - Becoming the perfect candidate bullet points

17:58 - Preparing “copy”

19:06 - The world’s greatest elevator speech

21:49 - What happens when they bring a squad?

24:52 - Taking a minute.

26:58 - Smiling the wrong way.

27:53- Doing the 5 things to become the ideal candidate

28:09 - Buying time

29:02 - Question Drills

29:43 - The question of Loyalty

31:249 - Prepare for everything

32:32 - Panel interview recap

34:11 - Creating an effective story for STAR

34:49 - Bring your A Game Stories

36:08 - Don’t tell blah stories

38:02 - Your friends are better at telling stories about you than you are.

39:20 Intelligence isn’t the key

40:29 - $5 words

42:075 - Brenden’s #1 tip

44:06 - The math behind what you say

45:04 - What you say gives you the confidence to know how to say it

48:15 - Biggest Problem with the Job Market

50:34 - Find your Team

51:17 Hippos and Nail Polish

54:28 - Brenden’s questions

57:42 - Think like an executive

58:31 - Introduce yourself to the execs

1:00:39 - How to think like an executive

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