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Episode 21: A Picture Worth 1000 Words... Show Notes

Show Notes:

Robb invites Rex Roy of on to the show to share a new addon to your resume that’s a real eyecatcher.

Robb and Rex chat about what resume addons can do for your hiring chances and how they can help put an end to your job hunt.

Additional topics include Detroit Rising, a bit of insight into old school advertising, and finding your career's Metrics!

Rex's Company:

Rex's LinkedIn:

MyCareersnapshot on Linkedin:

Rex's snapshot:

Time Codes:

Intro - 0:00

Rex Roy - 5:00

Detroit Rising - 8:33

Job Evaporation- 11:30

Everyone has metrics - 15:23

A Career Snapshot - 16:30

Show ROI to Employers 19:18

Identify metrics for yourself 25:00

Responsibility is #1 , early in the your career 27:14

Does this help ATS 30:15

At a glance 33:54

Being out of work -38:58

39:28 - Rex’s mission

42:12 - wrap up

Extras - Investing in yourself 1:51

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