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Episode 22 Show notes: Escapee Edition #1


Episode 22: (Season 2, Episode 2)

Robb welcomes a long time listener to the show and debuts a new format to share stories of success from those who have successfully escaped Recruiting Hell.

We can all get out, our paths may be different, but this is the first in a series of shows from real people who put the content in this show to work for them and came out on the other end with a new career.

You can as well.

Other major themes include the hustle that goes with job hunting and how you have to reach critical mass to begin to get jobs. It’s HARD!

Also, sometimes mental healthcare is one of the most important aspects of our job hunt, facing your own personal darkness when unemployed and NOT cutting yourself off from the people that care about you is where you’ll find the strength to continue your job hunt. Not alone.

Guest: Tom Duncan - Host of Dynasty Download and the Greatest Movie of All Time Podcasts - Catch Robb on GMATP's next episode for their review on 1979's "Alien" as well!

0:00 - Intro

6:20 - Tom Duncan

7:20 - Tom’s new Gig

9:20 - Day One

10:15 - Tom’s Fight

13:15 - The terrible problem

14:00 - Antiquated Ideas

14:45 - A business of one

16:00 - Starting the process

17:02 - Marketing Yourself

18:00 - A slow start

19:30 - Reality vs. Plausability

20:20 - Find Tom Jobs

22:15 - Identify your super power

24:50 - The journey to this job

26:13 - Don’t go Dark

29:15 - Vulnerability

30:50 - Relocation Conversations

34:22 - Opening up to a new prospective employer

35:45 - Setting up for success “Recruiting Hell Style”

37:28 - Tom’s Unique Advice - Self Learning Self Care

42:05 - Setting your reality in motion

45:54 - Wrap Up

Episode 22 -- escapee Edition 1 Ft Tom
Download • 2.41MB

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