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Episode 25 Show Notes: The Corporate Spiderweb

SHOW NOTES: EPISODE 25 (Season 2 Episode 5)


Moving between positions in a career can be a challenge, even if something looks to make sense.

Robb sits down with Liz O’Connor of Exact Sciences and recaps her journey from slinging tacos in college to working for one of the preeminent organizations for medical research in America.

Liz has a huge background in hiring from her past experiences, but has also reinvented herself multiple times in her career to get more of what she needed out of her work opportunities.

Guest: Liz O’Connor


0:00- Intro

4:30 - Meet Liz O’Connor

7:45 - Corporate Spiderweb

9:30 - Strategies for growth

11:20 - Finding your mentor

13:10 - Do the things others aren’t doing

15:20 - Find your why for a move

17:20 - Pay Alone won’t do it

21:00 - Leaving a job you like

24:50 - What are you missing?

26:00 - Taking cues from interviewers

28:40 - Professional Depth

35:00 - Seeking a new company

38:00 - Research why you’re looking

40:00 - Making the Leap

44:30 - Wrap Up

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