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Episode 27: Show Notes: Virtual Job Fairs Ft. Yalanda Taylor of

SHOW NOTES: EPISODE 27 (Season 2 Episode 7)

SHOW SUMMARY - Online job application processes are stale as all get out. Cruitscout aims to change that by helping you attend a virtual career fair for multiple employers all at once. Spending a short time filling out a single form to be presented to multiple employers is the fast and easy way to find new opportunities and also even the playing field for you, the applicant. Developed by a 20 year HR veteran, she joins the show to not only talk about her platform, but also give you some quick updates to your job search methods that don’t fly any more in 2020. Guest: Yalanda Taylor, founder, Cruitscout.


0:00- Intro

4:10 - Affirmations

5:20 - Yalanda and Cruitscout

7:20 - Burried in Resumes

9:00 - Yalanda’s top tips to find a job in 2020

11:15 Cruitscout’s overview

15:20 Video doesn’t lead to discrimination

21:00 Show and Tell

23:20 What we missed

25:30 Red Suit

27:00 Closing

Yalanda Taylor - LinkedIN

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