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Episodes 29/30: Pre and Post Interview Questions - Show Notes


You've been there in the end of an interview and been asked the dreaded question: "What questions do you have for us?"

There's a lot to this question and making sure that you don't just clam up and say "I have no questions" or "I'm good" is key.

Using this time to double check that the job is a fit for you and find out what may not have been said in the interview about a company and its culture is critical.

Part 1 - POST interview questions

3 Types of questions will be covered:

Clarifying Questions - specifics about the position and duties

Business Problem Questions - These are researched to help make YOU the solution to that business's needs.

Cultural Doublechecks - Is the company blowing smoke about how they ACTUALLY treat their employees.

Part 2 - PRE interview questions

Logistics questions - Who, what, and where, but DEEPER.

Why You - Sneak some feedback indirectly.

The most controversial question on this show so far. (Yep, just going to tease this one here)

Asking questions in your interviews is a major stepping stone you need to take to make sure you're getting hired at the right place and these questions will ensure that you're on a more even playing field with the folks who are hiring you, plus help you sniff out any mismatches before you take a job you hate.

TIMESTAMPS: (Episode 29)

0:00 Intro

3:05 Clarifying Questions

7:00 Taking notes politely

9:05 Ask Open Ended Questions

10:00 See yourself as the Cure

12:45 Sniffing our Culture Lies

16:30 Take the Long Cut

18:30 Job Hunt Reminders

19:20 Closing

TIMESTAMPS: (Episode 30)

0:00 Intro

2:15 Logistical Questions

5:10 Robb's Wild Ride

10:30 Virtual Interview Timing

11:30 Tipping the Recruiter's Hand

12:10 Assumptive Interviewing

13:30 Working for Free?

14:45 The most controversial question of the season

19:50 Job Hunt Reminders

20:30 Closing

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