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  • Robb Conlon

Fittin' this whole sandwich...

I have dreaded writing this article for months.

The fitness article for your job hunt.

In one of our earliest episodes, I mentioned that job hunting was a lot like sales and that in sales you had to be up to the physical task of being a sales person.

You had to be in shape.

Not triathlon shape, but you can't be a 7XL pile of flesh.

The pandemic drove us all indoors, away from each other, and away from the positions that helped fuel our fitness in many cases.

How many of you cancelled or weren't able to afford a gym membership because of a job loss or layoff?

(Raises hand)

How many of you put on a significant amount of weight during this pandemic event.?

(Raises hand)

How many of you have picked up new or intensified old vices that are terrible for you?

(Raises both hands)

How many of you feel down or worth less because of these changes and choices?

(Raises both hands and feet as well)

For all of us reading that who are looking at ourselves and going "What the hell happened...?", believe me, I am right there with you.

Work can us purpose as well as a paycheck.

While we may not be wild about the job we had or the new job we get, it does give us that structure and that sense of importance that our society so highly values.

When we remove that structure, it's like taking the support beams out of a house during a remodel.

The house can start to sag and collapse in on itself if you don't position temporary support structures to distribute the load.

This is a huge challenge, especially when funds are so limited for so many and now that the Northern Hemisphere is in Winter.

Believe me, I don't fancy going for a run today. It's 26F out and sidewalks are icy.

So what am I going to do instead?

Well, if it was like most days, this year probably nothing, which is obviously not the right answer.

I want to change, and I certainly hope you do as well.

In 2018 I was in the best shape of my life and times were riding high across the board in life.

Flash forward to today and things are much more challenging.

The first piece of putting things back together is reforging myself. Only I can do that, and the same goes for anyone looking to make a major lifestyle change.

It's on you to make the change, I know I will be doing so as I head into the new year.

This isn't a New Year's Resolution, this is a serious attempt at a lifestyle change that I will be making the effort to sustain long after the wanna be gym rats have gone home for good in late January.

Don't make a resolution because of the day on the calendar, resolve to be better because you need to be better today.

We all know that physical fitness has benefits like increased happiness as well as boosting your immune system and maintaining health these days is kind of a critical thing.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me like the photo above.

More than anything, don't let your job hunt be a reason that you lose the fitness that you currently have. If anything, see if you can use the spare time to come out better than you entered.


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