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Pulling Your Weight...

As I write this to you it's Sunday evening and I've just returned from "Up North" at my in-laws' lake home.

As I write this to you it's Sunday evening and I've just returned from "Up North" at my inlaws' lake home.

It's a beautiful place on a chain of lakes in Northern Wisconsin. There's boats, power equipment, and a well stocked beer fridge (no, we do not mix these three, at least those of us that drive don't).

One of the most dreaded chores of the season though, is putting the pier into the lake.

To give you an idea, this is a very robustly constructed wood dock that's in about 7 sections, each weighing ~150-200+ pounds. It's a pain and it's definitely a 3-4 man job. And when I say man, I'm not being misogynistic, it takes 3-4 guys my strength to get this handled. This year was different though.

Enter my wife and my father-in-law, not exactly the reinforcements I had hoped would be helping me lift this thing and wrestle it into place. The missus is 5'4" and my father in law is a wiry 5'10", but I was pleasantly surprised by how they pulled their weight in this heavy, heavy job.

I'm still a bit sore from giving a bit extra on my end to help them out in lifting and it may have been a bit more of a chore than we had hoped, but we got it done and the pier looks great.

Not ONCE during this entire time did my wife or father-in-law complain that they couldn't lift something.

This is where the career search ties in. Job hunting isn't like a feat of strength like putting this heavy pier in, it's something that everyone has a similar capability to do.

Attack your hunt with gusto, punch above your weight class, impress those that are also hunting along side you (you are job hunting in a GROUP right? If not, check out this episode, we talk about it about half way through), and get some lift going.

Attack your job hunt the way my Katie did, she's no She-Hulk, but she gave it every bit she had, as did her dad. You have to continue to put up the strongest performance you can for as long as you can in job hunting. It's an endurance thing.

I've told you this literally 100 times in all of my content before...

"Your job search is a marathon, not a sprint"

Be ready for the long haul, and make sure you are crushing it every day. Whatever your size, stature, education, race, sex, gender, ability, do everything you can to get our of Recruiting Hell; you know I'll be doing the same to help you as well.

🔥🔥🔥 ~RH 🔥🔥🔥

(This article originally appeared in Recruiting Hell: Overtime April 10th 2021. Want more? Subscribe here.)

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