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School Isn’t for Everyone...

School isn't for everyone.

Heck, college definitely isn't for everyone.

One of the biggest obstacles to many job seekers today is a lack of a 2 or 4 year degree.

Like we said in this week's episode more than 57% of Americans lack post-secondary education. They've got a High School Diploma or a GED.

And sadly that's probably not good enough to land you in a position that you love.

This past weekend I was our getting ice cream with my wife (at Wayne's Drive-In in Cedarburg, WI. If you live close, go there!). On our way to Wayne's, we passed a metal fabrication shop that has had a "Now Hiring" sign in front of their building for nearly 2 years.

I've applied for that job, never got a call. It's a machine shop job, and working for $15 an hour at something I have no interest in wasn't the right fit for me, which is what I'm feeling might be the reason they've had their sign out so long.

Just because a company is always hiring doesn't mean they have a good culture or a good job to offer you.

Now, lest I sound ungrateful for the reasonable wage above, don't mistake me for thinking that $15 an hour to learn a trade is bad. What I'm critiquing is that this company has left their hiring program in the same state for 2 years and is probably wondering why they can't find quality applicants. It's likely because they are paying below market rate for interest in their job offering.

The other issue is, that while they are paying you to go learn the trade, some folks, like myself, don't want to go back to school, and that's what makes this week's episode so special.

Now here at Recruiting Hell, we want you to find a job that lights your fire in some way.

We don't live to work, we work to live.

Finding the balance between getting a job that pays the bills, makes you not hate your life, and has opportunity for growth is the key.

If you're a part of the 57% of America that doesn't have a degree, remember you have to go a step farther. If school isn't in your picture, which is fine, by the way, you need to find a way to compete with the folks who got an extra boost by having more education.

You need to be able to quantify the learning you do as well.

I've suggested in the past that there are a number of certifications that can be valuable to you, and they're free.

The responsibility lies with you to take those courses, instead of doing something else with your free time.

Find a way to replace higher education for yourself.

And let me know if I can help point you in the right direction.

🔥🔥🔥 ~RH 🔥🔥🔥

(This article was originally published in the May 5th, 2021 issue of Recruiting Hell: Overtime. Need more? Subscribe here.

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