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Show Notes- Episode 20

Season Finale time, friends.

Episode 20 snuck up on us crazy fast and I can’t believe this show has been on for just shy of 5 months right now, it’s been a long and really entertaining journey for myself, and I go back and listen to earlier episodes to hear how far I’ve come.

Ariel Kopac is our guest today, and she’ll be talking about NLP (Listen to the show, because I’m not spelling Neurolinguistic programming right more than once!) and how to build resilience in your job hunt.

Connect with Ariel on:





And via

There’s a great set of extras with this episode as well and you’ll find a set of timestamps below as well as the bonus content from the show.

Here’s to Season TWO and many more!


0:00 -- Intro

5:40 -- Resilience

8:30 -- Coach Kopac

13:20 -- Fear of a Layoff

14:32 -- The base skills

17:00 -- NLP

19:00 -- Unpacking NLP

21:15 -- Daily use

23:20 -- Liking Gary Vee before he was cool

24:55 -- Fighting Ghosting, on your side

28:35 -- We already have our candidate

31:35 -- Self help Smoke and mirrors

32:58 -- Disappointment doesn’t kill you

36:10 -- Emotional Micro Tears

37:25 -- Reframing failure

39:50 -- Is Failure OK?

42:00 -- Batting .300

43:20 -- Does the Perfect Candidate Exist?

47:00 -- Big money

50:00 - Ariel's questions

52:15 -- Wrapup

Episode 20 - Resilience EXTRAS
Download ZIP • 7.20MB

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