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Show Notes: Episode 23: Your Magnificent Seven

What do cowboys and getting hired have in common?

Apparently a lot with this episode!

Robb dives into the concept from his teenage years that helped him not only build great relationships then, but easily comes 20 years into the future and teaches us about the importance of networking with some of our closest connections.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to use the most powerful parts of your linkedin network to source extra help in your job search.

Treating folks the right way when asking for help in seeking a job comes with a huge dose of humble pie.

This is also the first episode that we look to see if video is in the future for the show!


0:00- Intro

5:15 - Magnificent Seven

6:55 - Mom’s favorite Movie

8:00- Cowboys and networking

8:30 - Vilfredo Pareto and his Principle

10:45 - ARC and your Magnificent Seven

14:45- Quality in your posting

15:20 - Avoid the hucksters

17:15 - Humans helping humans

19:15 - The Example

20:45 - Because

23:00 - Insightful posting

24:50 - Approach as a human

25:30 - The last gift

26:15 - Top of the List

27:30 - Closing

Video Prototype:

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