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Show Notes Episode 24: Networking in a New Way - Ft. Lorry Rifkin

SHOW NOTES: EPISODE 24 (Season 2 Episode 4)

Are you GIVING when you attempt to netwok? Or are you just trying to sell yourself. This episode of Recruiting Hell is all about talking to others and building your network.

We’ll hear from Lorry Rifkin, who built a new way to network, even if you’re an introvert, from the ground up.

Don’t know how to start networking? Listen to this show!

Also, want to grow your network even further? Visit to sign up for one of Lorry’s amazing digital networking events at no charge.

Come prepared to share a great time and some great stories with amazing people. Robb will be there as well at 11:30 AM on November 19th, 2020.

The show concludes with Lorry’s challenge to all job seekers and listeners to this program, connect and see where it takes you.

Guest: Lorry Rifkin - Founder - Lunch with Lorry



0:00- Intro

3:45 - Lorry’s Story

5:43 - Living in Sweatpants and finding success*

7:35 - Lunch with Lorry

9:10 - Networking for the Give, not the Take*

10:15 - Not the #1 Approach

11:00 - Promote you? I don’t even know you!

12:00 - 100 1 on 1 meetings*

16:15 - Who needs help in networking?

17:20 - It’s not about YOU.

20:50 - Building a network like an extrovert

23:10 - Tiny questions

25:50 - The length of time it takes to network

26:50 - Getting known in groups*

28:00 - A unique giving proposition

29:33 - Self Sufficiency and being a proprietary employee

31:07 - Don’t be a victim

31:40 - Lorry’s Challenge

36:50 - Lunch with Lorry - And Robb

38:20 - The underground job market

39:40 - Wrap up

LINKS -- Sign up for a great networking event

Forbes Article

BLS Statistics 10/2020

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