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Show Notes: Episode 26- Veterans' Day Special

EPISODE 26 (Season 2 Episode 6)

SHOW SUMMARY: Veterans’ Day is one of the most important holidays in America. We should be mindful of the sacrifices made by our fellow citizens on a daily basis, whether that’s time, health, or stress.

In our very first holiday themed episode of Recruiting Hell, Robb chats with Cam Macias, recruiter, California Air National Guard about the challenges that service members face upon departure from an armed forces branch.

Getting LinkedIn setup is just the beginning, finding a veteran owned business can be an option, and creating a structure after service is the most important thing any separating servicemember can do.

Additionally, Robb has a special project that finally launched a few days before this was recorded. If you can’t wait to grab it, click here , but I think knowing what it is might help from the episode first!

Guest: Cam Macias - California Air National Guard

Cam’s Show - Scared Money Don’t Make Money

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0:00- Intro

6:00 - Cam’s story

8:45 - Getting everyone on the same page with separation

12:00 - Military Exit Interviews

14:15 - Lighting up LinkedIn as a serviceperson

21:00 - Your LinkedIn Strategy

24:00 - Use your down time on social media wisely.

26:00 - Finding structure after service

33:30 - Don’t chase the money

36:20 - Your Security Clearance is Valuable

41:20 - Your free time while currently in service or employed is a great thing to use to build your next step.*

43:20 - You don’t have to be good to start…

44:20 - Consistency in your efforts and finding a mentor

46:55 - Closing

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