• Robb Conlon

Episode 28: Show Notes: Attitude of Gratitude

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Thanksgiving 2020


Thanksgiving this year is definitely a challenge. So many have lost so much, from jobs to loved ones. There is still much to be thankful for and this episode digs deep into some powerful concepts that have helped me in the past 6 years;The Secret and The Abundance Spiral.

Moving out of a negativity and scarcity mindset is incredibly important to your job hunt, and ensuring you can do this while still retaining the breadth of emotion that makes you human is a skill to build.

You attract what you put out to the universe and it repays you in kind. Come and learn how to build a switch into yourself to deal with the challenges of rejection and the difficult journey that is your job hunt. Guest: None.


0:00- Intro

2:45- Housekeeping

4:30 - Transparency and Journalistic Integrity

5:55 - Affirmations

6:40 - Book of the Decade

7:40- The Law of Attraction

10:00 - The power of Yes

11:20 - Wealth and Abundance

13:30 - Drawing things to you, both positive and negative

16:45 - The universe doesn’t understand NO.

21:00 - The Abundance Cycle Step 1 - Gratitude

23:55 - Step 2 - Creativity

25:45 - Step 3 - Cooperation

27:00 - Step 4 - Opportunities

27:30 - Steps 5 : Ingenuity and 6: Exponentials

29:40 - Closing Time

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