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  • Robb Conlon

Talking About the Tough Stuff...

Today we live in a society where we have a lot of challenging topics to address.

Healthcare, race relations, LGBTQAA+ rights, vaccines, international relations and so much more.

The one we focus on in this show is the employment market, and from some of the conversations I've had with recruiters and other experts from the job hunting field, we may be in one of the deepest areas of challenge out of all the things I named.

This week, we heard Tabitha Bartley's story about searching for jobs with a disability and the ways to go about doing that. We tackle the tough topics like that on this show because nobody else does.

Talking about challenges like disabilities when job hunting is something that we need to be prepared for and it falls into a category that can truly encompass everyone who has a job search challenge like this; discrimination.

We know that unfortunately racism, ableism, ageism and all of their crappy ilk are alive and well these days.

Episodes of the show like this one and it's sibling episodes on not having a degree, ageproofing your resume, and future episodes about other protected classes are essential to combat these things and help everyone have the best shot they can at getting a job that makes them feel fulfilled.

We talk about the tough stuff because that's what needs to be talked about and what is right to make sure this show can serve the most people, regardless of their job challenges.

This episode is one of my favorites so far because it was the first one that made me realize that the creation of content for sub audiences within my overall audience made a ton of sense.

To all of you who face discrimination in your job search every day, know that Recruiting Hell will do everything in its power to give you the tools to level the playing field.

No matter your disability, race, sexual identity, or creed, all will be served equally and fairly at our job hunting roundtable.

You have a seat here and you are welcome here.

(This article originally appeared in the 7/7/21 issue of Recruiting Hell: Overtime)

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