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  • Robb Conlon

The Best Pre-New Year's Job Hunt Strategy...

This is it. The last week of 2020.

And it sucks.

Most businesses close down or do limited operations this week, and non essential departments are generally in their second week of what I call the Holiday Super Vacation*.

Businesses generally don't post positions for hiring at this time of year either because let's face it, no one is in the office.

This presents a unique opportunity for you as a job seeker.

While it certainly isn't impossible to land interviews this week, once that calendar resets and we're into that delightful new year that will be 2021, companies can definitely change their tune on hiring.

The opportunity you have as a jobseeker right now is that you get something of a "staging week".

Positioning yourself to hit 2021's new job offerings as hard as you can during this week is key.

Job. Hunting. Sucks.

It's the tagline of this whole brand, and dear God does it require a lot of digging on your end and emotional fortitude.

This week, take 30 minutes and do the following:

  1. Get on LinkedIn, open up your Connections list and make a list of 25 companies within 25 miles of you that you have a connection at.

  2. Head to the website of each company on your list, and find their career page.

  3. Note their current opportunities that fit your skillset, if any.

  4. Do the same thing every day this week.

By the time you're finished with this, you'll have over 150 companies that you can check for new postings easily by simply running down your list, rather than sifting through the avalanche that's going to fall onto the major job boards on the first day back from New Year's.

Heck, if you do this half the time, you'll still have between 75 and 100 companies to look at.

You're basically setting up little buckets for you to feed from for your January Jobsearch.

This will be exceptionally handy not only in isolating those newest jobs without the undesirable positions on LinkedIn (Looking at YOU door-to-door cable sales job that's pretending it's a marketing position!), plus with a connection at that business, when you apply, you have a person on the inside.

This particular setup works well for the turn of the new year, simply because so much in our society "resets" on January first.

There are other opportunities like this throughout the year as well, most notably, just before Summer, just as Summer is ending, and right after Halloween.

By setting yourself up this time around for the biggest of these events, you'll likely see jobs you don't get the chance to see on Indeed or other job boards.

They're buried by recommendations, paid promotions for other jobs, or they just happen to be on page 57 of 150 new pages of jobs, and you're getting burnt out by page 25.

Looking directly at companies is a great way to spend this week, don't waste it!


*Super Vacation - Saving 6-9 PTO Days and creatively stringing them all together for the last 2 weeks of the year to get 3-ish weeks of vacation off due to all the holidays.

(This year, I believe you could have used 8 PTO days from a Monday-Friday job to not work from December 19th until January 4th. Like I said, Holiday Super Vacation.)

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