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The importance of organization...when being AUDITED

Job hunting sucks.

We say it here all the time at Recruiting Hell.

It's boring, it's full of people who are out of touch with reality, and it's a thankless job that needs to be done day in and day out, otherwise you never leave it.

It's also really easy to let a lot of structure in life go.

I, your humble author, am guilty of this just as I'm sure you are.

Slacking on everything from staying up too late, eating like trash, and just general disorganization in most aspects of life.

What made me shape up a bit (outside of the diet part, still workin' on that) was when the state of Wisconsin gave me a jingle last year to audit my unemployment claims.

Audit. Yuck.

This might happen to you, and it's so important when you are unemployed, between jobs, or out of work temporarily that you begin to keep good records of what you're doing.

For the most part, many states require that proof be submitted to them of your job search on a weekly basis. This is generally good, and forms the basis of what you need to do in case they come knocking for additional information.

Every time you apply for a job online, which, face it, is going to be 95%+ of the time these days, you need to do these 3 things.

1.) Archive the success email from Indeed, Monster, or whatever job board you're using at the time.

Your email platform should archive them by date, which will make them easy to reference from your archives folder.

2.) Take screen captures of "success" screens that immediately show after a job is applied for.

Be sure that they include your system time and date. This can help with your audit process by giving an auditor reference if method #1 fails you. Be sure to clearly label each screen capture with the Job title, company, and date/time applied for when you save it.

3.) Be prompt and courteous with your auditor.

Getting audited sucks, and auditors are used to being yelled at and lied to. Being a kind, respectful, and easy to work with "client" is definitely worth points in this author's eyes, especially if an auditor has discretion to let something in the audit slide.

Think about it like this..

If you're at McDonald's and you order a box of McNuggets things should come out in less than 5 minutes, right?

If things take too long and you complain in a way that makes you come across as a major jerk, you're likely getting 10 McNuggets and maybe some bonus Saliva Sauce.

If you're kind, understanding, and expressing your concerns respectfully, there might be an EXTRA McNugget in that box and no spit.

You get the picture.

It's not guaranteed and attempting to be overly nice can backfire too.

Be polite, be easy to work with, and help them do their job by answering their questions quickly and honestly.

Long story short, keep good records in case the state comes knocking, and if they do, be polite enough to help get them what they need and they'll be on their way.

Being audited for Unemployment Benefits isn't anything scary, unless you've been slacking in your proof and organization. Don't get caught off guard because you want to play the luck of the draw.


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