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  • Robb Conlon

The worst thing you can say...

You've just finished an interview and you're feeling great.

Or you're feeling poorly about it.

Or maybe it's a mixed bag.

Regardless of how you feel about how the interview went, the chances are high that unless they're trying to hustle you out the door because your performance was such a flop, you're going to be asked...

"What questions do you have for US about this job...?"

The #1 worst, most foolish, kills your chances immediately phrase is...

"I don't have any questions for you."

It'll make your interviewer look like our fabulous stock photo model above, I guarantee it.

Having questions about a position is something that is essential in today's job market.

Positions have not only gotten more complex with the addition of technology, there are so many aspects to your job you may not even know about.

Episode 29 of Recruiting Hell talks about exactly this, we need to have a full picture of what we're getting into with a job; not just to make sure we can do it, but to also make sure it isn't a short term investment for both sides of the equation.

Speaking of technology, one of the biggest hurdles to job seekers in today's market is technology. It seems that every day there's a new platform out there that businesses are using to drive customer growth, manage marketing, or improve their business in some other way.

It's mind boggling and in some cases maddening.

When asking questions after an interview, asking about the equipment being used is an often overlooked aspect of the job. While job descriptions may say you need experience with a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM), asking which one a company uses can give you a leg up in an interview, especially if you know (or have researched) a few of the big name players in that area.

Staying current with trends in your industry can be a great source of follow up questions tailored specifically to your needs as a job seeker and of course also resonate heavily with your prospective employer. Consider subscribing to a handful of newsletters via LinkedIn or thought leaders in your particular career field. Being able to speak to breaking trends in industries is another surefire way to be remembered by hiring managers.

Job hunting requires research, and unless you're applying for the most mundane of positions, you should always have a battery of questions ready for your interviewer. Make sure they're quality questions, and checklist them in your interview notes so that you can make sure everything is answered that you need to know about a position.

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